About Us

Several years ago a company called New Vision Custom Products was launched from the basement of an educational building. With the explicit purpose of providing jobs for college students so that they could stay in school, New Vision focused on screen printing and embroidery on custom apparel items for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Almost a decade later, New Vision Custom Solutions has grown into a full-service small business consulting firm. Through interaction with our custom product clients we saw countless hard-working business owners and non-profit managers struggling to keep all the balls in the air. In a time when change and economic volatility are as predictable as death and taxes, it can be very stressful to have a leadership role in a modern organization.

While we still offer an array of quality custom products, our mission has expanded to creating meaningful partnerships with small business owners and nonprofit leaders by offering real world practical solutions that result in achieving maximum growth personally and professionally. We firmly believe that developing people is the single biggest asset in any company and that starts with leadership being willing to grow and change.

Every organization is different and that’s precisely why we have kept the name New Vision Custom and simply added Solutions. We take an extraordinary amount of time and energy listening and doing our best to understand how or if we can help an organization before we offer any of our services. We want to produce immediate value once we decide it makes sense to work together.

Due to our business model and the use of modern technology, New Vision is comprised of a network of skilled team members in different parts of the globe. However, we do have a “bricks and mortar” headquarters that is located in Kennebunk, Maine.


Dean Trondle

Dean Trondle has been involved in small business ownership and management for over 20 years, and has seen his share of business successes and failures.

With a BS in Accounting, and a “graduate degree” from the School of Hard Knocks, Dean has garnered battle scars from the world of small business and has lived to tell about these stories.

His passion is to help hard-working owners and managers of organizations avoid similar pitfalls he has experienced. He loves listening and working together to find paths to success that can help develop people personally and professionally.

Dean lives in Southern Maine with his wife Shelby, along with their two young children Ashton and Alexis.


Stuart Letizia

With 10 years of graphic design and web development experience, Stuart enjoys providing engaging branding solutions on all platforms. Working with small businesses, restaurants, doctors, and nonprofits, as well as established New England identities, including Downeast Energy, Gifford’s Ice Cream, the City of Bath, Maine, and others, has been a rewarding journey. Stuart taught courses in HTML/CSS and drawing and holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts.

For this guy, being creative isn't work—it’s fun, and every day is a fresh opportunity. He passes his spare time tinkering with freelance design, puzzles, game development, epic adventure illustration, and Lego building. He lives with his best friend/beautiful wife Ashley, also an artist, as well as model and IT tech.