Operations Strategy & Coaching

In our opinion, every single small business and non-profit organization has one of the following operations strategies:

  1. Fly by the seat of your pants – Organizations with this strategy rarely self-identify since this strategy is for the myriad of business owners and managers that don’t actually intentionally create well-thought out processes and systems for themselves and their team to follow on a consistent basis.
  2. Watch, learn and get in the manager’s head – This strategy could also be called the “assumptive strategy” and we all know the famous adage, “you know what you get when you assume.” Having processes and systems that are obtained by employees through learning on the job and trying to figure out what the owner/manager expects is only slightly less detrimental to your business than the “Fly by the seat of your pants” strategy above.
  3. This is how we do it here – This strategy is one in which leadership has taken ownership of the processes and systems and has spent time thinking through what resources are needed for each task in the business and how to properly implement those resources to consistently provide the intended results to their customers. Once these systems are developed they document the system and provide hands-on training for each employee responsible for each process.

Our passion is to help take #1 and #2’s and move them towards #3. Whether you are starting from scratch on really analyzing and documenting current processes and systems, or you have started and are simply struggling to organize all the “stuff” you’ve got on paper and in word processing documents, etc. We want to unleash your true potential by creating meaningful and relevant documentation that helps provide clarity to you and your entire team about “how we do it here!”

There’s something profoundly liberating by having a feeling of control and clarity in your organization. What’s more is that your people are craving the same clarity and need your help to feel fulfilled and grow personally and professionally each day. So as the leader of your organization or department, it is your responsibility to provide that in a proactive and objective way both in writing and in verbal communication. Here are some outcomes and services that we offer to provide the clarity that comes from a “this is how we do it here” philosophy.

  • Organizational Structure analysis and development.
  • Job Contract (Description) development.
  • Employee Handbook creation.
  • Process Mapping and Documentation for all operational systems (i.e. accounting, human resources, sales, staffing, communications, etc.)
  • Customer service analysis and feedback.
  • Management Operations Manual (entire business operations documentation to outline “how you do it” at your organization).

If these ideas seem foreign to you or you view them as a waste of time compared to the “real” work of your business, then you NEED to give us a call or fill out the form below. Unless you are absolutely satisfied with your operational, financial and missional fulfillment of your business or ministry, then we are convinced that the above items are a significant reason why you may be limiting yourself to achieve the next level of success.

If you are at the point of recognizing the importance of this type of strategy and documentation, then you are ready to fill out the form below. We look forward to seeing if we can help!

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