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The New, New Vision!

It’s been a unique journey for New Vision. Many of you reading this will recognize our brand as New Vision Custom Products that was originally formed at a small university in the north woods of Wisconsin, with the primary intent of providing jobs for college students. After a few years of transition, we are back…

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New Vision Reborn

Who doesn’t enjoy at least one or two of those mythological creatures from ancient Greek culture? I’m personally intrigued by the Phoenix, the bird-like creature that is continually reborn and receives new life from the ashes of its former self. Maybe I’m drawn to the Phoenix because its existence seems to align so closely with…

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Marketing & Creative

You may be expecting a simple list of items on a page designed to outline our marketing communication services. However, New Vision’s unique success on behalf of our clients wasn’t built on a simple, one-size fits all recipe for success and we don’t offer the conventional list of services (see creative design list below) to…

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