The New, New Vision!

It’s been a unique journey for New Vision. Many of you reading this will recognize our brand as New Vision Custom Products that was originally formed at a small university in the north woods of Wisconsin, with the primary intent of providing jobs for college students. After a few years of transition, we are back and offering a much broader scope of services to help support local small businesses and non-profit managers and leaders (see more about us here).

The video below introduces you to some of our team members at our headquarters in Kennebunk, Maine. We are expanding into Brunswick and Presque Isle, Maine as well as Peabody, MA. While we do intend to have a significant presence in New England our vision statement is to become the world’s preferred small business and non-profit development company, helping owners and leaders reach their maximum potential personally and professionally. That’s right, we believe that we can literally revolutionize the world of small businesses by partnering with hard working clients that “get it.” Since small businesses aren’t just in the United States, we are implementing a global strategy from the beginning of this next phase in our journey. We’d love to have you join us!